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Tel: 01932 - 223495 / 228116
3 Simpson House, New Zealand Avenue
Walton on Thames, Surry KT12 1QB

Special Dishes?

Chicken cooked in a hot sauce, made with coconut and blend of several rare spices
Chicken or Lamb prepared fresh herbs, fried garlic then cooked with a thick spicy sauce.
Tender lamb tempered with a touch of ginger and coriander, cooked in a tomato, garlic, ginger sauce, mint and chilli
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Best services for our Customers

Whether you are a seasoned The Finest Indian Cuisine, or an excited beginner, we at Khan of Walton can assure you that our food, like our culture, is rich in flavour & offers something for everyone.

Our Chef takes particular pride in producing dishes that are not only unique, but also consistent, so that each time you takeaway with us. you can be sure to enjoy the flavours of your faviroute meals again & again.

we hope you enjoy your meal....

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